29 11 2014

Not a day goes by that Amy is not thought about or showing a sign she is near. Today is Amy’s 46th birthday and while she is not here to celebrate with us, I know she’s celebrating! Many of us have daily thoughts and signs of Amy, sometimes when we least expect them but a blessing to get them. I wanted to share a few of my special signs that Amy is with me everyday on my morning commute to work. I travel south on Woodward from M-59 and just north of 13 Mile Road, I pass Pasquale’s Restaurant. AMY PASQUAlES Amy and I would eat there after her Chemo treatments. It was one of her favorite restaurants and she would always order eggplant parmigiana! Continuing on Woodward I pass Beaumont Hospital. While this brings out sad emotions, it again is a sign of time I got to spend with Amy. She was a trooper when she was admitted overnight and would turn it into a sleepover with a friend. Continuing on and without fail, every morning I get stopped at the 29th traffic light from M-59 south on Woodard. Why is this significant you ask? The 29th is Amy’s birthday! I feel like she is saying good morning to me because at this traffic light when you look to the left of the light, there you see it, the Cardinal Court Apartments sign with a picture of a red cardinal. Every time I see a cardinal, I know it’s Amy saying HI !! AMY CARDINAL COURT APTS 2 Next to that complex, is an IHOP! Those that know Amy, know that she LOVED breakfast! While these signs are bitter sweet, I know Amy would want all of us to celebrate her life and remember how much she touched all of our lives in her unique, funny, loving ways. She will never be forgotten and today we celebrate her on her 46th Birthday! I hope you will continue to see signs of Amy and share your stories with your friends and loved ones of how she touched your life. While she was only here for a short time, she made a huge impact on so many.
Amy and yellow blanket AMY…small name, big impact!

Not a day goes by that someone, somewhere isn’t thinking of Amy and remembering all the joy and laughter she brought to each of us in her own loving and unique way.

Love and miss you girl!
Your forever bff, Kristi Rugh Kahl

The song below is a new release by Trisha Yearwood. I’m sure when you read and hear the words, you will think this song was written right from your own heart. Amy, we remember you!


I can picture you, like a photograph
I can see your smile
I can hear your laugh
No I don’t have to look back
I remember you

When I’m all alone
You’re all around
I tell you things, yeah I talk out loud
Ever since you left the ground
I remember you

You can ask the sun
You can ask the moon
Every day that goes by
I remember you

And even when
I close my eyes
Like a dream, you come back to life
I can’t escape your love, your light
I remember you

You can ask the sun
You can ask the moon, yeah
Every day that goes by
I remember you

And I know some day
Only God knows when
I’ll touch your face
And I’ll breathe again
And life goes on, so until then
I remember you

Yeah, I remember you
Every day that goes by
I remember you

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