25 12 2014

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by. Don and Theo are doing great and have had a year of growth, love, and learning. Theo is doing fantastic in school and really loves playing ice hockey. He’s growing leaps and bounds and has a delightful personality. Don is an AMYAZING dad and doing a great job raising their THEODORABLE! Not a day goes by that Amy isn’t thought of, loved and talked about. So many of her wonderful traits shine through Theo and Don continues to keep her memory alive with stories of their life together.

Here are some pictures of the past year. Hope you enjoy them.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

AMY - THEO WALK 6-2014  AMY - THEO 1ST DAY OF 4TH GRADE 9-2014 AMY - THEOS 9TH BIRTHDAY 8-22-2014 theo birthday 2014 AMY - THEO HOCKEY 10-2014 2 .facebook_1419306403073


AMY - THEO LEGOS 9-2014 3803 PIECES 9 MTHS  theo science project 2014

theo squirrel 2014 AMY - THEO BOATING 6-2014

pumpkin 2014 .facebook_1419374078797

christmas tree 2014 don and theo 2014

amy family







4 responses

26 12 2014
Shelly Dougherty

I love keeping track of Amy’s boys!

26 12 2014
Sara Nickerson

It’s good to see you’re all doing well! Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

ps: My sister who had been battling cancer, recently passed away; thanks for your prayers during her ordeal.

27 12 2014
Elizabeth DeWaard

Hi Don and Theo, Just loved the pictures and am amazed at how Theo has grown! You’re the perfect duo that Amy looks after.

28 12 2014
Rose marie

Happy New year to Amy’S guys. You are looking great and it is good to hear you are doing well. I think of Amy and you often.

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