29 11 2015

Today we celebrate Amy’s 47th birthday.  As each of us celebrate her in our own special ways, I know she’s smiling ear to ear and embracing all the love and wishes coming her way.


Don and Theo are doing great!  Below is Theo celebrating his 10th birthday in August.

theo 10th birthday 2  theo 10th birthday 5

Theo’s love for hockey continues.  He attended his first Red Wing’s game and is playing goalie on his own hockey team.

THEO 11-2015          theo hockey 2015

Not a day goes by that someone, somewhere isn’t thinking of Amy and remembering all the joy and laughter she brought to each of us in her own loving and unique way.

She is gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN!

I would imagine this is how Amy would want us to feel:


Even though I know many of us feel this way:



But today, Amy’s special day, let’s celebrate her AMYAZING life and send her endless love and wishes for a Happy Birthday!

We love and miss you Amy! xoxoxoxoxoxo




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29 11 2015

I didn’t see Amy as often as some of you but I miss, miss, miss her. She was so strong and giving — even through her illness. One of the things that showed her strength was her ability to ask for help. I wanted to help her… and she let me. It was one very small thing I could do and I am so thankful she accepted my help. I loved that she had a calendar for people to sign up to help. Who does that??? Amy! By letting us help, she got things done [a clean house, groceries, meals, canned tomatoes, rides, etc, etc, etc…], and we got to be with her. I’m terrible at asking for help but, through Amy, I learned that asking for help is a gift we can give to those who love us. Thank you Amy! ❤

29 11 2015
Helene Rabinowitz

Amy-never forgotten.

29 11 2015
Helene Rabinowitz

Amy-never forgotten

29 11 2015
Val Ringer

I miss you cousin as I remember many fun memories with the Rauch family. Happy 47th Birthday Amy!

29 11 2015
Bob Adams

Amy… It was always a hoot to talk with you. There was never a conversation where you didn’t leave me with a smile on my face, a chuckle in my throat, and something new I learned.

4 12 2015

I only meet you a few times Amy, but you taught me so much! You will never be forgotten.
Those prayers were beautiful too. Brought tears to my eyes.

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