5 Years – Too many without you

6 05 2017

Some days it feels like forever since we heard her laugh, saw her smile or read the words she so loved to write. And then there are days when we can feel her right beside us. But there are never any days that someone, somewhere isn’t thinking of Amy and how she touched their life. While it’s hard not to focus and remember the day that our Amazing Amy got her angel wings – and even harder to believe it’s been 5 years – the true beauty of remembering Amy is how she lived her Dash!

Our dear sweet angel Amy, we remember… 

AMY TINA RAUCH NEILSON  11/29/68 – 5/6/12

How will you live your Dash?

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11 responses

6 05 2017
Helene Rabinowiz

Never forgotten dear Amy.

6 05 2017
Betsy DeWaard

It’s true that we will never forget our Amy—our amazing angel.

6 05 2017
Kathy Crawfis

Her smile was amazing, her laugh contagious and her courage was unmatched. Love you Amy, but know you are enjoying those wings!

6 05 2017
Molly MacDonald

Every time I see a Cardinal I think of Amy.

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6 05 2017
Cathy Fox

I do too!

6 05 2017
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! It seems we were just at a 6 Pak dinner! You are missed more than you know! I know you are looking down on us. I wave and chat to you often as I pass by your resting place. Thanks for always being you and a great friend! 😇🕯🌸Love ya Aim!

6 05 2017
Trish MacDonald

Wow! 5 years?! Weren’t we just at a 6 Pak dinner? You are missed everyday Aim! Thanks for looking over us all! 😇🌸💕💞💖

6 05 2017
sue davis

i was one of her students at wcc she was a wonderful lady luv and miss yea hugs to you in heaven

6 05 2017
In memory of Amy Rauch Neilson

A cardinal came to visit me yesterday and I knew it was Amy. Most days in one way or another she is always with me. I’m blessed to get to watch her son grow up and know she’s smiling down with love and pride. She was an amazing mom, wife, daughter, sister and a friend like no other. She is truly loved and missed by so many. xoxo

7 05 2017
Sheri Torch

Missing your beautiful smile and infectious laugh Amy. God blessed us with your short life here on earth.

8 05 2017
Lisa Maskill

Oh, Amy. So many miss you so much. Since you left, I’ve become a parent myself, and your loss has broken my heart even more. I know how hard you fought to stay in Theo’s life, but know he is well cared for and so very loved. You will always be in his heart, and in mine as well. Love you so much.

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