About Team Amy


Business Manager / Social Media Darling

Helene (left) and mother Betty z"l

Helene hates to admit it, but it is true – she is a bit of a geek. She spent her career successfully shepherding corporate clients through major software and infrastructure implementations. Helene loves that today’s technology – emphasis on design, layout, color – allows her to blend her technical skills with her creative, artsy side. Her mother died at the age of 44 of breast cancer, and Helene has seen first-hand how families are changed forever by the diagnosis. She is excited to help Amy bring her energetic, positive, heartfelt story to the rest of the world, as a lesson and inspiration!


Bean Counter

Kristi Kahl

Kristi was born in Pittsburgh, Penn. (Go Steelers!!) and moved to Farmington Hills, Mich. in 1980. She attended Harrison High School and graduated in 1986. Kristi is also a graduate of Lawrence Technological University with a BSBA with an emphasis in Accounting and Finance. She joined the Total Golf, Inc. management team in July 1994 as the Controller. Kristi married Brian Kahl in 1989 and had their only child, a son, Logan in 1998. They currently reside in Highland, Michigan. In her free time, she loves watching her son play sports: football, baseball and basketball.  She also enjoys time with her friends and “Girls Night Out” with her girls group, the Six Pack. Kristi loves to take pictures and create photo books.

Kristi and Amy met in the 7th grade at East Middle School. They’ve been bff’s ever since!


Media Contact

Not Pictured - Michelle Ball

Michelle was born in Livonia, Mich., and grew up in Farmington Hills, Mich. She graduated from Farmington Hills Harrison High School in 1984. She currently resides in Walled Lake, Mich. Her sister Jodi, is part of the “Girls Night Out Club,” and, like Kristi, has been friends with Amy for many years. Michelle is a wife and mother of one daughter, a sophomore at Central Michigan University. She has been in the Banking/Mortgage Industry since 1985. She very much enjoys spending time with family and friends. Michelle is also a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed after her first mammogram on Oct. 4, 2008, at the age of 40.


Purveyor of Proclamations

Monica Lesnau

Monica (Bopp) Lesnau supports Team Amy with the collective energy of the Bopp Family. Since their carefree elementary days spent listening to The Monkees on vinyl, Amy has been special to the Bopps.

A voracious reader, Monica consumes any text – whether online or on the back of her Organic Multigrain Squares. She loves playing with words and hopes to inspire the proclivity in her children. Earning a bachelor’s from Michigan State University preceded Monica’s 1988 entry into the corporate world. A programmer analyst, she worked for major Michigan corporations before departing in 1995 to be home for her husband and children. 1995 also marked the beginning of a 14 year political foray, during which she was elected to the Walled Lake City Council and re-elected to serve as Mayor Pro Tem (2005- 2009).
Always keen for new adventures, Monica home schooled her children and nephew in grades ranging from elementary to high school. The junior Lesnau crew currently attends Oakland Early College and Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills, Mich.


Team Amy Mascot

this IS his good side

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ve heard it before.

“Your name is Pac-Man? That is sooooo 1985!”

Har har.

Yes, my name is Pac-Man and I’m a Pac-Man Toad.

My owner/caregiver/Mom Amy has a rep for clever pet names. But she decided to leave mine as-is.

Can’t a guy catch a break?

I was a little put off at first, until she explained why the name Pac-Man is so appropriate. (Apparently, that’s what attracted her to me in the first place. And here I thought it was my striking profile.)

One of Amy’s close friends, Jan Braun, had breast cancer back in the 1980s (there’s that decade again). Jan told Amy that one of the ways she got through her treatments was to visualize the medicine flowing through her body, eating up those bad cancer cells like a Pac-Man from the video game. Amy took a liking to that story, saw me in the pet store, put one and one together, and here I am, the Official Team Amy Mascot.

Here I stand, er, squat, as the first line of defense. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not just another Pac-Man Toad. I’m an Albino Pac-Man Toad. You can see it in my (very red) eyes.

Love to see you even try to get past me, Mr. Big Ugly Cancer Monster!

I got just three words for you: Ain’t gonna happen.

Copyright 2011, Pac-Man Toad

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