Status Update: I’ve Got Hair!

19 02 2011

It’s Saturday morning, February 19, 2011 and I HAVE HAIR!

I woke up this morning, carefully surveyed my pillow and…(drum roll, please) nothing! Not a strand!

No guarantees here. I may still lose my hair before Tuesday, Day 21 post first chemo dose.

But, every day that goes by, every hour, really, brings me closer to the possibility that I won’t. And, last go-round, my hair loss began on Day 17. That was yesterday.

The sun is shining beneath gorgeous blue skies and I’m off in a little while to get my up-do! I’ve got a wedding to attend!

Tune in tomorrow for pics from the wedding of me, my hubby, and my HAIR!

Copyright 2011, Amy Rauch Neilson

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