Amy…Forever in our Hearts and Always on our Mind

6 05 2018

Some days it feels like forever since we heard her laugh, saw her smile or read the words she so loved to write. And then there are days when we can feel her right beside us. But there are never any days that someone, somewhere isn’t thinking of Amy and how she touched their life. While it’s hard not to focus and remember the day that our Amazing Amy got her angel wings – and even harder to believe it’s been 6 years today, 5/6/18 – the true beauty of remembering Amy is how she lived!

Our dear sweet angel Amy, we remember…and you will NEVER be forgotten!

AMY TINA RAUCH NEILSON  11/29/68 – 5/6/12

2018 Race for the Cure – Amy’s still remembered and her picture made the news on WXYZ Detroit

Don and Theo are doing great!  Theo loves playing hockey and playing with his dog!  Amy would be very proud of the young man he has become 🙂

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