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2 03 2011
Becky Walker

Hi Amy –

I was happy to have found your blog site! What a generous way to reach out to those diagnosed with cancer and provide inspiration by sharing your own story. Thank you!

My name is Becky Walker and I work with Navigating Cancer, a free website to support the cancer community. We host a Blogger Directory on the site and would be pleased to include your blog. Here is the link for you to view the directory, where upon you can add your blog to the list –


I really like your post “Let Them Help” and would love for our members to read it. Hopefully we can connect more and share your words with the audience on our site. You can reach me at :

I hope you’re having a good day Amy, and I look forward to reading more from your blog!

Warm regards,

Becky Walker
Navigating Cancer

1 08 2011
Julie Granthen

Brian Murphy told me about your blog. I am holding good thoughts for you and your family and wish you the best.
OU has just hired a new Honors College director, If we hold a welcome party, I do hope you will be able to attend. I believe the last time I saw you was at Meadow Brook Hall at the 25th anniversary celebration when Jude NIxon took over the HC. Julie Granthen

22 02 2012
Bonnie Drew

Hi Amy — I was working on a writing project this afternoon and started thinking about you for some reason. Decided to see if I could find you on the internet. Wow – I did. But then I was shocked to read what you’ve been going through. So sorry I didn’t know, but God evidently wanted me to join your army of prayer warriors today. So I’m just letting you know how much I care and that there are people praying for you — all over the world — that you don’t even know about. Sending my love, hugs, and prayers!!

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